Why Join This Workshop

This training is aimed to prepare and certify PMO professionals in the PMO VALUE RING, an innovative methodology to make your PMO be recognized and valued, based on best practices from a global PMO Leaders community. Being certified as PMO-CP professional you will be recognized as an expert in the methodology’s recommended practices, and, most importantly, will obtain the necessary skills to apply this methodology in various industries.

Participating this workshop you will have the unique opportunity to take the PMO-CP Certification exam at the end of the workshop and become one of the first PM Professionals in Lithuania obtaining PMO-CP certificate!

Please Note

As the exam will be held at the end of the day, you need to bring a laptop to access the online exam.

 Target Audience

PMO Executives, PMO Leaders, PMO Team Members, and PMO Consultants.

 About The Exam 

The PMO-CP Certification is offered in several countries by PMO Global Alliance. The exam covers technical aspects related to the PMO VALUE RING methodology and the implementation process.

To obtain the certification, the candidate must take an online exam of 40 multiple choice questions, obtaining a minimum score of 75% of correct answers. The candidate has up to 60 minutes to complete the exam.

The PMO-CP certificates are valid for life.